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The Best Gimbal for Sony A6400: Why You Need One

Looking for the best gimbal for Sony A6400? Want smooth, professional-quality footage without breaking the bank? Look no further!

In this article, we'll guide you through the top-rated gimbal options for your camera, including budget-friendly picks and professional-grade gimbals.

Whether you're a vlogger, filmmaker, or just love capturing life's moments, we've got you covered.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and enjoy the freedom of smooth, stabilized shots with the best gimbal for your Sony A6400.

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Key Features to Consider

When looking for the best gimbal for Sony A6400, you'll want to consider certain features to make sure you'll get the right one for your specific preferences. Here are the key factors to look for:


Stabilization is crucial for getting smooth and steady shots, especially when you're on the move or shooting in challenging conditions. Look for a gimbal that offers advanced stabilization technology to ensure your footage looks professional.


Check the weight capacity of the gimbal to make sure it can support the weight of your camera and any additional accessories you may use. This will give you the freedom to experiment with different setups without worrying about stability.

Battery Life

Pay attention to the battery life of the gimbal. You don't want to be limited by a short battery life when you're out shooting for extended periods. Go for a gimbal with a long-lasting battery so you can focus on capturing your creative vision without interruptions.

Top-Rated Gimbal Options

An image showcasing the top-rated gimbal options for the Sony A6400

If you're looking for top-rated options, you should consider checking out the Zhiyun Crane 3S and the DJI Ronin-S. These gimbals are perfect for those who desire freedom and flexibility in their filmmaking.

Zhiyun Crane 3S

ZHIYUN Crane 3S Camera Stabilizer [Official], Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR Cinema Cameras and Camcorder

The Zhiyun Crane 3S offers a powerful motor and a load capacity of up to 6.5 kilograms, allowing you to mount heavy cameras and lenses with ease. It also features a modular design, enabling you to customize it according to your specific needs.

This gimbal is a beast when it comes to stability. Its robust construction and high payload capacity make it ideal for professional-grade setups. You can confidently mount your Sony a6400 and other heavy camera rigs, knowing that the Crane 3S will deliver exceptional results.

DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin-S - Camera Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld for DSLR Mirrorless Cameras up to 8lbs / 3.6kg Payload for Sony Nikon Canon Panasonic Lumix, Black

The DJI Ronin-S offers a smooth and stable footage. It is also equipped with a comfortable grip and intuitive controls, making it a joy to use.

With the DJI Ronin-S, you can achieve cinematic shots effortlessly. Its powerful motors and advanced stabilization technology ensure that your footage remains steady, even during fast-paced movements. The Ronin-S also offers intuitive controls, allowing you to focus on your creativity without any limitations.

With these top-rated options, you can have the freedom to capture stunning shots and express your creativity without any limitations.

Best Gimbal for Sony A6400: Our Budget-Friendly Picks

An image featuring a sleek Sony A6400 camera mounted on a lightweight and affordable gimbal

Looking to save some money? You might want to check out the FeiyuTech AK2000C and the Moza AirCross 2 gimbals for budget-friendly options. These gimbals are perfect for those who desire freedom without breaking the bank.

FeiyuTech AK2000C

FeiyuTech AK2000C Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR Camera Canon 60/70/80D RP,Sony A7C a63/4/5/600,P-anasonicGH4/5 Fujifilm Nikon,Optional GripBar,WiFi/Cable Control OLEDScreen,Official-Authorized

The FeiyuTech AK2000C offers impressive stabilization capabilities, allowing you to capture smooth and professional footage with your Sony a6400. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to carry around, giving you the freedom to shoot on the go.

Moza AirCross 2

MOZA AirCross 2 Professional Kit Handheld Stabilizer with iFocusM Motor Lightweight Gimbal Up to 7Lb Auto-Tuning Intuitive Control Panel 12H Runing Time【One Year Warranty】

The Moza AirCross 2 gimbal provides excellent stability and control, ensuring that your shots are steady and precise. With both gimbals, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced features and high-quality performance while saving some money.

So why wait? Grab one of these budget-friendly gimbals and unleash your creativity without constraints.

Best Overall Gimbal for Sony A6400

An image showcasing the Sony A6400 mounted on a sleek and compact gimbal, effortlessly capturing smooth and cinematic footage

Capture smooth and stable footage effortlessly with the DJI Ronin-S or the Zhiyun Crane 3S for your Sony a6400. These gimbals are perfect for those who desire freedom in their filmmaking. Take a look at the comparison table below to see which one suits your needs best:

GimbalDJI Ronin-SZhiyun Crane 3S
Weight4.1 lbs (1.86 kg)6.61 lbs (3 kg)
Payload Capacity7.94 lbs (3.6 kg)14.33 lbs (6.5 kg)
Battery LifeUp to 12 hoursUp to 12 hours
Control OptionsApp control, joystick, and dedicated buttonsApp control, joystick, and dedicated buttons
FeaturesAdvanced stabilization, time-lapse, and morePowerful motors, wireless image transmission

Whether you choose the DJI Ronin-S or the Zhiyun Crane 3S, you can trust that both gimbals will provide you with the freedom and flexibility to capture professional-quality footage with your Sony a6400. So go ahead and unleash your creative potential!

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