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9 Essential SmallRig Monitors for Filmmakers in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the sea of filmmaking gear is akin to steering through foggy waters; one wrong turn and you could be adrift in a vast ocean of incompatible or subpar equipment. As you chart your course for 2024, consider the essential tools that can make or break your visual storytelling, particularly the role of SmallRig monitors in your arsenal.

You've likely heard the buzz about SmallRig's latest lineup, but what you need is a lighthouse guiding you to the right choice for your projects. In this comprehensive guide, you'll find the key details on the top 9 SmallRig monitors that have become the trusted co-pilots for filmmakers this year.

Don't let the array of options overwhelm you; I'll break down the features, compatibility, and practical applications of each model to equip you with the knowledge to select the perfect monitor for your camera rig.

Stay tuned to uncover which SmallRig monitor could be the linchpin in elevating your film production to new heights.

SMALLRIG Monitor Mount EVF Holder (2174, ARRI Standard Compatible)

monitor mount for evf

If you're a filmmaker seeking a robust and versatile mounting solution, the SMALLRIG Monitor Mount EVF Holder 2174, with its ARRI standard compatibility, is an essential accessory for attaching 5 inch or 7 inch monitors to your rig.

This mount securely fastens to any cage or handle featuring a 3/8 threaded hole, ensuring your monitor stays in place during dynamic shoots. The 146° rotation axis gives you the flexibility to adjust the monitor's position for the best viewing angle, enhancing your ability to frame shots and focus with precision.

It's tool-free installation means you can set it up quickly and effortlessly, which is exactly what you need when you're working under tight deadlines. Plus, its compatibility with various SMALLRIG cages and handles makes it a versatile choice for your filming needs.

Best For: Filmmakers and videographers who need a reliable and easy-to-adjust monitor mount for their camera rigs.


  • Provides a secure hold for both 5 inch and 7 inch monitors with its ARRI standard compatibility.
  • Features a 146° rotation axis for flexible monitor positioning to achieve the optimal viewing angle.
  • Tool-free installation for quick and effortless setup on various SMALLRIG cages and handles.


  • Some users may require an Allen key or SmallRig multi-tool for extra tightening, which isn't included.

SmallRig NATO Rail with Locating Screw for ARRI 35mm BUN2501B

nato rail for arri

You'll find the SmallRig NATO Rail with Locating Screw for ARRI 35mm BUN2501B to be an indispensable tool, ensuring secure attachment and quick release functionality for your ARRI-compatible accessories. This compact yet robust rail mounts easily onto ARRI-standard accessory mounts with a 3/8”-16 screw and two locating pins. Its built-in NATO rail is perfect for attaching NATO accessories such as the SmallRig NATO Ball Head Arm 2071 and NATO Clamp 1973 or 2207.

However, it's worth noting that this particular NATO rail isn't compatible with SmallRig NATO Handles or Monitor Holders. The spring-loaded safety pins at both ends add an extra layer of security, preventing your devices from accidentally sliding off. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, it's clear that filmmakers appreciate its quality and utility, despite some mentioning the rail's short length and compatibility limitations.

Best For: Filmmakers and videographers looking for a reliable, quick-release mounting solution for ARRI-compatible gear.


  • Easy installation with ARRI-standard accessory mounts and built-in NATO rail for versatility
  • Enhanced security with spring-loaded safety pins to prevent sliding off
  • Highly rated by customers for quality and utility


  • Incompatibility with SmallRig NATO Handles or Monitor Holders

SmallRig Field Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe and 1/4 Inch Screw (BSE2346)

field monitor mount accessory

For filmmakers seeking a robust and versatile mounting solution, the SmallRig Field Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe and 1/4 Inch Screw (BSE2346) offers a lightweight yet sturdy option to attach monitors directly to cameras. This mount is perfect for both 5-inch and 7-inch monitors, providing 360° horizontal swivel and 140° vertical tilt for optimal angle adjustment. You'll appreciate the secure connection thanks to the bottom 1/4-20 screw and the enlarged thumbscrew head that makes installation a breeze.

The CNC-machined aluminum build can support monitors up to 1.2 kg, ensuring durability without adding significant weight. Rubber cushions are also included to boost friction and prevent scratches. With overwhelmingly positive reviews for its ease of use and secure locking mechanism, this mount is a reliable choice for your filming needs.

Best For: Content creators and videographers in need of a reliable and adjustable monitor mount for their camera setups.


  • Offers 360° horizontal swivel and 140° vertical tilt for comprehensive angle adjustment.
  • Constructed from CNC-machined aluminum, providing durability while maintaining a light weight.
  • Features rubber cushions to enhance grip and prevent scratches on the attached equipment.


  • The lack of an adjustment knob for tilt tension may be a concern for some users.

SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount with 1/4-20 Screws (2904B)

flexible monitor mount attachment

Crafting your cinematic vision becomes seamless with the SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount (2904B), offering filmmakers robust adjustability and a secure hold for optimal viewing angles. Designed for 5 and 7-inch monitors, it's compatible with any mounting system that has a threaded hole center distance of no more than 18mm.

You'll appreciate the 360° swivel and 180° tilt capabilities, which stay firmly in place thanks to the knob and allen wrench. This mount supports a hefty load, ensuring stability even when angled, and the bouncy locating pin with rubber padding adds an extra layer of security, particularly when paired with devices like the Ninja V/V+ from Atomos.

Despite mixed opinions on its price, users commend its quality, though some suggest improvements like a wingnut or thumb screw for better adjustments.

Best For: Filmmakers and videographers seeking a reliable and adjustable mount for their 5 and 7-inch monitors, especially those using Atomos devices.


  • Swivel and tilt capabilities allow for 360° and 180° movements, offering a wide range of viewing angles.
  • Supports a considerable load capacity, ensuring monitor stability at various angles.
  • Constructed with a bouncy locating pin and rubber padding for added security and compatibility with Atomos Ninja V/V+.


  • Some users have reported the tilt axis may become loose after frequent adjustments.

SmallRig Rosette Magic Arm with Anti-Twist Pins (4194)

versatile rosette arm with anti twist pins

Designed with filmmakers in mind, the SmallRig Rosette Magic Arm with Anti-Twist Pins (4194) ensures your equipment stays secure and stable during even the most dynamic of shoots. You'll appreciate the upgraded anti-twist design, which features silicone mats and pins that firmly grip your gear. It's capable of supporting up to 3.5kg, thanks to the spiral pattern on its ball head, so you can trust it with your heavier monitors and battery packs.

The arm's smooth adjustment is courtesy of its stainless steel gear joints and ergonomic hand screw knob. Built from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel, you're getting a premium construction that resists wear and tear. Based on glowing reviews, it's clear that its reliability and build quality make it a solid choice for your professional needs.

Best For: Filmmakers and videographers needing a robust and reliable solution to mount and adjust their gear securely during shoots.


  • Upgraded anti-twist design ensures equipment is held firmly in place.
  • High load capacity suitable for heavier monitors and accessories.
  • Durable construction with premium materials like aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.


  • May be over-engineered for lightweight or compact setups.

SmallRig Quick Release Camera Monitor Mount (3514C) with Swivel & Tilt Adjustment

camera monitor mount with adjustment

Ideal for filmmakers who need quick and versatile adjustments, the SmallRig Quick Release Camera Monitor Mount (3514C) offers 360° swivel and 170° tilt capabilities, ensuring optimal viewing angles during shoots. It's designed to hold 5 or 7-inch monitors, supporting up to 1.5 kg with ease. The mount includes a quick release plate for swift setup and a cold shoe compatible with most camera hot shoes. You'll appreciate the built-in rubber pads that protect against scratches and the adjustable tightness for a secure fit. Plus, with the ability to fine-tune the pivot's damping, your monitor stays precisely where you need it. Lightweight at just 3.56 ounces, this durable aluminum alloy mount is an essential tool for your filmmaking rig.

Best For: Videographers and content creators looking for a robust and flexible monitoring solution for their camera setups.


  • Quick and easy monitor attachment and detachment with the quick release functionality.
  • Versatile positioning with 360° swivel and 170° tilt capabilities, offering a wide range of viewing angles.
  • Durable and lightweight construction with a secure hold and protection for the monitor.


  • Potential issue with a slight gap between the mount and the monitor when using long Arri safety pins.

SMALLRIG Adjustable Camera Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp (Model 3026B)

adjustable camera monitor mount

For filmmakers using DJI gimbals, the SMALLRIG Adjustable Camera Monitor Mount with NATO Clamp (Model 3026B) offers a robust and versatile solution for attaching monitors and other accessories to their setup. This mount is compatible with a range of DJI gimbals, including the RS 2, RSC 2, RS 3, RS 3 Pro, and RS 3 mini. It features a 170° tilt adjustment, ensuring you can find the perfect angle for your monitor or accessory. The anti-twist design, complete with locating pins and a silicone pad, keeps your gear secure and scratch-free.

Mounting is a breeze with the quick-release NATO clamp and anti-removal stud, confidently supporting up to 1.5kg. Whether you're adding a monitor, LED light, or wireless device, you'll appreciate the solid build and flexibility. Despite its premium price, users celebrate its quality and find it a worthy addition to their gear.

Best For: Filmmakers and videographers seeking a durable and adjustable mount for adding monitors and accessories to their DJI gimbal setups.


  • 170° tilt adjustment allows for optimal positioning of monitors and accessories.
  • Quick-release NATO clamp and anti-removal stud provide a secure and easy-to-use mounting solution.
  • Compatible with a variety of DJI gimbals, enhancing the versatility of the user's existing equipment.


  • Premium pricing may not be accessible for all budgets.

FEELWORLD FW568 V3 6 inch DSLR Camera Field Monitor with 4K HDMI

high resolution dslr camera monitor

Catering to the needs of budget-conscious filmmakers, the FEELWORLD FW568 V3 offers a sharp 6-inch display with 4K HDMI support, ensuring you don't miss a detail while on set.

This monitor isn't just about size; it boasts a 1920 x 1080 high resolution and comes calibrated with Rec.709, making it a reliable tool for accurate color reproduction.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for on-the-go shooting, fitting perfectly on gimbals or handheld setups.

Moreover, with waveform monitoring, you can analyze your image with precision, and the 8.4V DC output allows you to power your camera directly from the monitor.

It's compatible with popular Sony F970 and Canon LP-E6 batteries, which means you won't be left scrambling for power options.

The included sunshade, tilt arm, and cables offer added convenience, setting you up for success right out of the box.

Best For: Videographers and filmmakers seeking an affordable, compact, and high-resolution field monitor with 4K support for on-the-go shooting.


  • High-resolution 1920 x 1080 display with accurate color reproduction thanks to Rec.709 calibration.
  • Lightweight and portable design suitable for gimbal and handheld work.
  • Includes waveform monitoring for precise image analysis and supports 4K input for detailed monitoring.


  • Some users report compatibility issues with battery plates.

SmallRig Adjustable Camera Monitor Mount (ARRI-Style, 2903B)

adjustable camera monitor mount

If you're working with ARRI-style setups, the SmallRig Adjustable Camera Monitor Mount (2903B) elevates your filmmaking by providing a secure and highly adjustable platform for your 5” or 7” monitors. This mount is a favorite for its dual anti-twist design and the ability to quickly tighten it with a knob, ensuring your monitor stays in place during shoots. The multiple threaded holes are perfect for attaching ARRI and 1/4-20 accessories, adding versatility to your rig. Constructed from CNC-machined aluminum alloy and stainless steel, it's designed to last and protect your equipment. Users rave about its stability and adjustability, and at just 3.25 ounces, it won't add unnecessary weight to your camera setup.

Best For: Filmmakers and videographers seeking a lightweight, durable, and versatile monitor mount for ARRI-style camera setups.


  • High adjustability with 180° tilt and 360° swivel capabilities for optimal monitor positioning.
  • Robust construction using CNC-machined aluminum alloy and stainless steel ensures durability and equipment protection.
  • Ease of installation with quick tightening knob and anti-twist features for a stable and secure monitor setup.


  • Some users may experience difficulty with the friction adjustment, which could affect the mount's stability.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a SmallRig Monitor

When you're in the market for a SmallRig monitor, it's crucial to assess how well it'll mesh with your existing gear. You'll need to ensure the mount is stable enough to handle the rigors of a film set, while also providing the adjustment flexibility you require.

Additionally, don't overlook the importance of build quality and the convenience of weight and portability for on-the-go shooting.

Compatibility With Gear

Before selecting a SmallRig monitor for your filmmaking needs, ensure it's compatible with your camera, cage, or handle to avoid any mounting issues. Not all monitor mounts are universally compatible, so it's critical to check that the one you choose can securely support the weight and size of your monitor.

Look for necessary additional features like cold shoe mounts or NATO rails that fit your setup. Be aware of any compatibility limits with other gear, such as specific handles, cages, or gimbals.

Lastly, consider how easily you can adjust and install the monitor mount. It should seamlessly integrate into your workflow, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot, not fiddling with equipment.

Mount Stability

Ensuring your SmallRig monitor remains steadfastly in place, mount stability is a paramount factor to consider for uninterrupted filming. You don't want a shaky monitor ruining your shots. Remember, an unstable mount not only hampers your view but also risks damaging your gear. So, always match the weight and size of your chosen monitor with a mount that can handle it comfortably.

The mount's material and build quality are vital; they determine both stability and longevity. You're looking for something robust, yet flexible enough to adjust without compromise. And don't overlook anti-twist features. These are designed to keep your monitor from shifting or rotating when you least expect it, ensuring every angle is as intended.

Choose wisely to keep your footage smooth and your storytelling sharp.

Adjustment Flexibility

As a filmmaker, you'll appreciate the adjustment flexibility that SmallRig monitors offer. They have mounts that can swivel 360° horizontally and tilt 140° vertically to capture the perfect angle.

Always check for multiple mounting options. You'll want mounts with several threaded holes for ARRI and 1/4-20 accessories. This enhances your setup's versatility.

Look for a quick tightening mechanism, which allows for rapid and secure adjustments. This will save you precious time on set.

Consider the load capacity variations too. Different mounts can handle varying weights at different tilt angles. This is crucial for supporting your monitor setup.

Lastly, don't overlook the anti-twist design features like locating pins and silicone pads. These are essential for preventing unwanted movement and protecting your gear from scratches.

Build Material Quality

When selecting a SmallRig monitor mount, the quality of the build material is a crucial consideration, as it directly impacts the mount's durability and your monitor's security. You'll want to ensure that the material isn't only sturdy but also designed to withstand the rigors of filmmaking.

CNC-machined aluminum alloy and stainless steel are top-notch choices, offering both stability and protection. It's essential to check the weight capacity and load-bearing capabilities to ensure your monitor remains securely in place.

Additionally, look for anti-twist and scratch prevention features that protect your gear from damage. Investing in a mount with high-quality build materials means you're investing in the safety and longevity of your monitor setup.

Weight and Portability

While high-quality build materials are fundamental for durability, you'll also need to weigh the importance of a monitor mount's weight and portability to match the demands of your dynamic shooting environments.

Consider the compactness and weight of the SmallRig monitor mount to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your mobile setup. Look for models that are lightweight and easily portable, offering convenience without sacrificing stability.

The monitor mount's weight is crucial for compatibility with your existing rig, helping to maintain a balanced and manageable setup.

Ensure the chosen mount aligns with your filming style and equipment ensemble, allowing you to move freely and adapt quickly, whether on a crowded set or in a remote outdoor location.


As a filmmaker in 2024, you'll find that SmallRig's array of monitor mounts and accessories are invaluable for your kit. Whether you're opting for the ARRI-compatible options, versatile NATO rail mounts, or the robust field monitor mounts, there's a solution for every shooting scenario.

Remember to weigh factors like compatibility, flexibility, and durability when selecting. With the right SmallRig setup, you'll enhance your camera's functionality and keep your shots sharp and steady, no matter where your filmmaking journey takes you.

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